Computerized systems engineering, quality, compliance

Shared values

As the French poet Nicolas Boileau wrote in 1674 : “Make haste slowly; do not be discouraged, but return to the work frequently.” This saying is not only an invitation to work hard and keep trying, but also to challenge ourselves, to listen to eachothers, to be creative, to innovate to further improve, and to adapt to each context.

That is how PHARMASYS has built its foundations and growth : our experience and practice enable us more than anyone else to pay attention to changes in our environment and to our clients needs.

We treat each person with respect, dignity and patience whatever its role or rank in the organisation.

We welcome new ideas, new perspectives & constructive debates. We constantly seek improvements and we work for change, at a minor or major scale.

We are very involved in the relationship we share with our clients. We concentrate on our missions objectives, strategies and initiatives. We are customer-oriented : we have an open ear, we are available and dedicated to the mission success in time and on costs.

Team spirit
Our work as consultants is essentially based on shared experienced. We can thus identifiy, acknowledge, share and meet the challenges of our markets and clients. We also practice that team spirit during our missions by sharing without counting.

We believe that people and organizations development depends on curiosity, comprehension and exchange of ideas.